Dear Husband…

You’re not over me. You say you are but you’re not and that’s just the truth. You told me you held no animosity towards me but I don’t believe you, you lying sack of rocks. You stopped paying on the credit card, you don’t respond to my messages anymore and you’re not even sure if you want to work with me. 

If you really were over this, you wouldn’t have a problem being around me but the truth is that you do. You do have a problem with being around me even though you try to fake it when you see me like you really want to come over and say hey. Like you’re really wondering how I’m doing. Fuck outta here. 

You’re weak as fuck and I can’t wait to divorce your ass and erase you out of my life. You’re no one I’d ever want to be affiliated with because of the way you’ve treated me through this whole ordeal. 

I hate you so much right now, 


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