Dear Both of You…

I can’t do this anymore. I love you both. I dislike you both. You both have qualities I need in a man. But here’s the kicker, which one of you possesses the qualities that matter to me the most ? 

Pros of 1: You’re passionate, we are both vegetarians, our sex is amazing. We are spiritually connected. We have huge career aspirations. 

Cons of 2: You take everything too seriously, I can’t relax and be silly around you, you’re possessive. You don’t know how to be a gentleman, although you’re learning. 

Edit 8/2016: I obviously didn’t choose you for many reasons although our bond has remained strong. I didn’t even get to finish my letter back then but I’m finishing it now. 

I chose number two because even though the connection with him isn’t as strong as ours was, he gives me a few things you weren’t able to: stability and lots of attention. 

The love is still there for you, number one but this love had to evolve to a different type of love in order for it to evolve. So in reality, this letter wasn’t to the both of you, it was to all of you. 

Sad to have had to walk away, 


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