Dear Husband…

Dear Husband...

It must be nice to think you’ve got the short end of the stick when in reality you don’t. As I struggle day in and day out with transportation issues, you ride around in daddy’s car and you probably don’t even feel bad about the fact that I lost everything I worked so hard for…for you. I worked hard to have a car that was paid off that could get me around and allow me to work.

Yet you complained because you lost your car in an accident and was never able to fully get yourself back on track with that. We shared my car for years, I watched you buy used cars over and over and replace them like you were buying new shoes or something. You complained so much about wanting a car that I went ahead and put myself in a lot of debt for that to finally happen.

You decided that I needed to have the newer car and you would take my old car. How nice of you. I was fine with a car that was paid off but because your credit is shot and couldn’t open anything up under your name, I decided to do it all under my name.

How convenient for you… because when we split up, you decided that none of these bills mattered to you anymore and I went downhill to the same pit you were in. And I wound up losing both cars. So now while I try to make it work however I can and I try to pick up these pieces, you ride around in daddy’s car that you claim you have to pay for.

See, at the end of the day, I may not have made you feel that I was willing to stick my neck out for you the way you may have wanted to feel it but in reality I did, because I went right back into that hole I had climbed out of alone years ago…just to be with you.


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