Dear Fake Friend…

Dear Fake Friend...

You’re truly a sad individual, and as you’ve stated before, you cover it all up with your humor, which is really good, actually. But it’s very clear to me that you don’t care to help others because you were abandoned when you needed someone to help you. Truth is, I don’t really like you. I never have. I think you’re a sick person and you’re just…odd. And not odd in a unique way but just odd like…creepy odd. Were you sexually abused when you were younger? Were you traumatized in some kind of way when you were younger? Why do you feel it’s necessary to divulge other people’s issues and shortcomings just to make you the “cool guy”? There’s clearly an insecurity of some sort that you’re dealing with… but what makes matters worse is that you really are attempting to “help” others (and I’m really using this term loosely here) and be a therapist….WHAT? LOL I mean seriously!

I heard you talking about me yesterday with your friend. But I’m not surprised, because you talk about all your friends. Some friend you are. It’s OK, because I won’t be around you for too long. So while you rotate girls in and out of the house and wonder why you’re still alone, I’ll be as far away from you enjoying true friendship and true healing.

For now, I’ll just keep to myself and play this game. FYI, I know how this game ends. And I don’t lose. =)


Not feeling sorry that you’re a weirdo,



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